The Air Saddle Pad

Korrector is the revolutionary new saddle pad which using air and foam technology, can be adjusted by the rider to give full day to day control of the fit of their saddle on one or more horses. Once adjusted Korrector does not need to be altered unless the horse changes shape or you wish to use it with another saddle or on a different horse – adjustments take a couple of minutes and are done with the rider mounted.

Korrector can be used with saddles that fit or with saddles that don’t fit because they are too wide or out of balance.

Korrector has a unique Gullet Locking Plate (GLP), which prevents the saddle pad from being pulled taut across the horse’s spine. All cloths are cut for high withers and have front ties, so alleviating the pressure often caused by saddle pads and numnahs in these areas. GLP can be purchased separately.

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