Why Use Korrector

Korrector™ The Air Saddle Pad – Why Korrector?

It is a well known problem that horses change shape making it difficult to ensure that the saddle conforms to the shape of the horse’s back at all times. Even when a saddle fits a horse well, over the course of a year, changes in diet or level of fitness will result in changes of muscle structure and the shape of the horse’s back. Therefore a saddle that originally fitted well may no longer fit the horse. Many people find it difficult to get a saddle fitter to visit to re-flock or adjust the saddle and need to resort to saddle pads to take up the difference.


Most saddle pads cannot be adjusted and the majority assume that the saddle does not fit throughout its length. This is not normally the case as most saddle fitting problems only occur at the front i.e. too wide or at the back of the saddle i.e. not touching the horse’s back. Usually by using a pad to correct one area excessive pressure is placed in another.


Above you can see the same saddle on the right hand side rocks back to front and causes hot spots on the front right shoulder and a little on the back left.  With Korrector™ under the same saddle (on the right) the hot spot are gone and the bearing surface is dramatically increased.

Korrector™ has four air bags for adjustment and a foam sheet for shock absorbency. You only use those pairs of bags required to correct the saddle, so cutting down on unnecessary bulk under the saddle.

Korrector™ can be used with four air bags to create a shock absorbing pad under the whole saddle panel. The bags can then be adjusted so there is more air in the front or back bags to balance the saddle front to back or even side to side.

Korrector™ can also be used with just the two front air bags to create a front riser pad or just the two back airbags to create a back riser pad.

The choice is yours! And this means you have a Korrector™ pad for all occasions!