Rider_Position_AnimationThe position of the rider is crucial to the horse’s way of going but the rider’s position is totally influenced by the balance of their saddle. An unbalanced saddle may tip the rider forwards or backwards affecting the rider’s feeling of security and the manner in which they ride.

Korrector™ allows the rider to adjust the balance of the saddle not only for the horse but also for the rider making the rider feel more stable and hence allowing them to relax. A Flocked saddle is fitted whilst the horse is stationary with his back relaxed. A correctly working horse will round his back so lifting the saddle and tipping the rider slightly onto the forehand. With Korrector™ you can alter the saddle’s balance to allow for when the horse is engaged in an outline so maximizing the balance for the rider whilst the horse ‘s back is rounded.

Many riders reach a plateau in their riding often finding that their horse is more difficult on one rein than the other especially with lateral work or canter transitions. Often the cause is rider’s weight being slightly biased to one side. The majority of us are heavier and stronger on one side than the other. A tiny change in the lateral balance using Korrector™ will put the rider’s weight central and make a significant change to the manner in which the horse performs. It only takes a few moments to experiment with Korrector™ to find the most comfortable seat.