About Us

First Thought Equine Ltd is a British based company formed in 1996 to market the Flair system after 4 ½ years of R&D. Since then the company has grown first by marketing Flair around the world and secondly by developing new and innovative products in the equestrian field.

Within two years of being launched, Flair was being sold and fitted in 15 countries and being fitted in new and old saddles by saddlers and saddle manufacturers.

The second product to be launched was Korrector in 2001. Originally developed to Flair western saddles it proved so good at correcting problems of fit in English saddles it original purpose was all but overlooked. Korrector has gone through some cosmetic changes in its time, including the introduction of the all synthetic leather version and the new felt pad for western saddles. Korrector cannot be surpassed for performance in reducing pressure and increasing bearing surface.

Whilst working with manufacturers and saddlers alike it became apparent that there was room for dramatic improvement for the traditional English saddle. 3 years of R&D produced the first WOW saddles which rapidly gained a reputation for improving the horse’s performance, so gaining the name WOW, as this was the first thing uttered by riders testing the saddle. WOW has been tested independently in at least three continents and has out-performed it competitors in pressure and gait analysis.

Every product First Thought Equine develops is for the benefit of the horse’s health and well-being but moreover for enhancing the performance of the ridden horse. All our products are manufactured in Kent, England.

Our factory nestles in a valley in the heart of the Kent countryside, just outside of the historic city of Canterbury, surrounded by Forestry and excellent riding. The company has its own string of horses for testing and improving our products as well as being used on our training courses with saddlers and public. When a client needs a more custom service, they can use our facilities, for an on the spot service where things can be tried, tested and modified before final production. This is the ultimate in our custom service.

Everything we make is computer designed and machine cut for accuracy and repeatability. Every piece of the saddle is made in house to our own designs.

Added to this, we offer you the possibility to make your own saddle totally unique by giving you the freedom to choose colours and finishes of the leather we use for the individual pieces that make the parts of your saddle. Not only is your WOW saddle totally changeable as your horse progresses through it training but totally unique to you and the market place.