Korrector™ The Air Saddle Pad – Benefits

Korrector™ benefits the rider by…

  • Allowing the rider to adjust the pad for seasonal changes in the horse’s shape
  • Absorbing jarring shock to the rider’s lower back
  • Giving the rider the means of using a saddle on more than one horse
  • Allowing the rider to adjust the balance of the saddle front to back
  • Allowing the rider to adjust the balance side to side so distributing the riders weight centrally
  • Allowing diagonal adjustment when the horse is asymmetric
  • Can be used with English, Western and Spanish style saddles
  • Bags can be removed and replaced fully inflated for washing purposes

Korrector™ has been proven by independent testing to give your horse greater comfort by…

  • Dispersing the pressure points of the saddle
  • Increasing the bearing surface of the saddle
  • Continually flexing and moulding to the horse’s shape allowing the back and shoulder muscles to work unrestricted
  • Absorbing impact shock from the rider
  • Alleviating pressure across the horses spine and wither area

Korrector™ will not improve the fit of a saddle which is too narrow in the width of the tree . Only a new saddle will help in this situation.